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where are you based?

will you travel for my wedding?

In Kyogle, Australia. We are on 200 acres out here and absolutely love it. 

Yes! I disturb the peace Australia wide. You say the word and I'll pack my bags!
Travel fees will be discussed before booking. 

how would you describe your style?

is it just you?

I'm here to capture the fun and vibrancy of your special day. I am here for those saucy kisses on the d floor, and other quirky moments during the day. I want you to smile from somewhere that is true, not the fake cheeeesseeee! 

I love working solo, it allows me to be super present and connect with you lovers. If of course you have a big bloody family like me with 150+ guests, we can suss one out for you to cover more of your day. 

can we meet?

do you have insurance?

Bloody oath! Pick your poison: wine, coffee, water or whatever, I am yours. 
We can chat in person, over the phone, email or insta. Whatever works for you!

Absolutely. My insurance cover is wedding specific and included in my contract to keep both the venue, you, the couple and I protected from anything that could potentially happen along the way. 

do you work with videographers?

Absolutely. It is a good idea to combine creatives that have a similar style and vibe to help things run smoothly on the day. I know a few good eggs so just ask away.

booking &

do you accept card?

where can i find your prices?

Unfortunately not. I only accept direct deposits.

I am a straight shooter with pricing. You can find everything on our pricing page!

do you offer discounts for weekday weddings?


how many hours do you recommend?

It's a "choose your own adventure" kind of deal! If you're up for the full-blown wedding movie, from the "getting ready" giggles to the dance floor dazzle, I'd say buckle up for the wild ride with 8 hours of coverage.

But if you're more of a "let's get to the party" duo, and the reception isn't going to be an epic marathon, then the 4-6 hour package is your ideal ticket.

No, wedding coverage is just a small part of my services, most of my time is spent pre and post wedding stage! All weddings are priced equally!

in the lead up

help! we have never planned a wedding before!

once we book, how much do we communicate before the big day?

Get ready to make them your trusty sidekick!

Run sheets are like fairy godmothers for your big day, swooping in to banish unnecessary stress and ensure your priorities sparkle. After all, weddings are meant to be all about the fun, right?

When you choose to work with me, I'll send you a wedding guide that's like your treasure map for planning the perfect day. We can also have a chat over the phone, brew some ideas together, and craft a solid run sheet 4-6 weeks before the big event. Let the magic begin!

I'm your go-to buddy whenever you're in the mood for a chat - whether it's a little chit-chat or a full-on gabfest!

As we approach the magical month mark, I'll slide into your inbox with a questionnaire. It's like our secret handshake to lock in all those exciting final details: addresses, your superstar photo list, and any other extraordinary events in the wedding pipeline.

My mission? To be your confidence booster on the big day!

on your 
special day

i don't like getting my photos taken and i get nervous....

what is your vibe on the day?

Oh, you're in good company because that's the sentiment echoed by everyone! So, no need to fret at all. My approach is all about riding the wave and sprinkling in some subtle guidance during our session. Picture this: we'll groove to some tunes, have a blast, capture those sweet kisses, and, of course, cook up some epic shots that will absolutely rock your world! 

Cool as a cucumber, bubbly and friendly. 

Be yourself and I will be there to capture every quirk and special moment on your day. 

god forbid it rains! what then?


We can run through a plan b in the weeks coming up to your wedding. 

what is the best time of day for photos? what's all this talk of golden light???

how long do we need to leave for bridal portraits?

Capturing that perfect shot is like chasing rainbows – sometimes it's a breeze, and other times, it feels like catching a unicorn! So, fellow photographers, let's talk about the rollercoaster ride that is lighting, and here's a seasonal guide to help you navigate it:

Ah, summer, the season of sizzling sunsets and warm, golden-hour magic. As the day waltzes towards its grand finale, the light becomes a painter's dream. Soft, warm hues give way to a mesmerizing display of pinks and oranges that gradually morph into serene blues. It's so enchanting that I suggest you sneak out of your reception for 20 mins for some summer sunset portraits. 

Now, as we bid adieu to those sun-soaked summer days and step into the embrace of autumn and winter, things change a bit. The light prefers to grace us earlier in the day, so you don't have to scramble during that elusive last hour of sunshine. In fact, it's wiser to aim for the 2-3 hours before sunset because, let's face it, winter evenings can be a bit unpredictable.

But here's the plot twist – Mother Nature has a mischievous side. She might throw curveballs our way. Yet, fear not! Come rain or shine, I'm your photography superhero, armed with creativity and a dash of planning. Together, we'll always capture the moments that make memories shine. 

Really depends on your run sheet, travel times and your vision for the day. 

For a quick burst of you lovers: 20 mins
For a stroll around a few locations: 45 mins.

after your wedding

eek i can't wait to make an insta post! when can i get my mits on a photo?

when do i get the full gallery?

Got ya back! I send a little gallery of 20 or so images 24-48 hours after your special day!

Depending on the season, it can take approximately 4-6 weeks to hit your inbox.

do you personally edit the photos?

Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely!

Now, let's talk about the magic behind the scenes - the wizardry that gives my photos their unique sparkle. It's like adding a dash of pizzazz to your wedding memories! But don't worry, I won't be giving anyone a digital makeover or turning them into airbrushed superstars. Nah, we're all about keeping those radiant skin tones, and those vivid, true-to-life colours that take you right back to your special day.

Picture this: I lovingly tweak each image individually, giving it a touch-up here and a sprinkle of fairy dust there using the enchanting Adobe Lightroom. And when they're all set and shining like stars, I bundle them up into a dazzling collection of consistently amazing photos. Ta-da! But just remember, I will edit your magic based on environment and weather conditions. If you are looking for golden glow and it is a cloudy day, it just isn't going to happen you know? Picking up what I am putting down?



Your photo haul typically lands in the awesome range of 500 to 800 images! But hold onto your hats, because a wild mix of factors comes into play, like whether your wedding crew is big or small, how long the camera's partying, whether we've got a trusty sidekick (aka second shooter), and the scale of your wedding shindig, from lavish blowouts to cozy registry office soirées!

Alright, let's hit the pause button for a sec and take a deep breath, my friend. 

Now, here's the good news: I've totally got your back!

My behind-the-scenes wizardry is like a superhero shield, making the chances of any photo mishaps super slim. I won't dive into the nitty-gritty because who wants to hear about all the techy stuff, right? But trust me, my photo protection game is rock-solid, and your precious images are in the safest of hands.

For instance, every single snapshot is double-backed up, like a tag team of champions! They're stored on two separate systems/cards at the same time, so even if one decides to play hooky (which is highly unlikely), there's an identical twin ready to step in. It's just one of the many reasons why having a pro photographer on your big day is the ultimate game-changer!